Reddit Video Downloader

Download videos from reddit. This downloader opens up the link to the video file, you only need to right click and save the video file.

All you need to do for the download is input the link to the reddit thread below and press download. The video will start playing in the same tab as this site and you only need to right click and press save as to download the file.

To get the audio you have to replace the last part of the url with "audio". For example "" becomes "".

This tool gets the json data from reddit and opens the link to the video file in this window. To look at the json yourself just add .json to the end of your link. In the json is a value with the key "fallback_url", that is the link to the video.

Normally reddit loads videos over multiple files. This disables for most browsers the function to right click and save a video. With the fallback_url you get the video in on file which enables you to download it with the normal right click save as method.